Curly Wedding Hairstyles: Curly Bridal Hairstyles

Easy to Copy Wedding Hairstyles
Before the big day comes, you probably have already arranged a lot of things – your dress, the shoes, the makeup and your traditional “something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue”. The last thing to consider would be which popular wedding hairstyles to try.
Curly wedding Hairstyles
Curly wedding HairstylesIt seems that in today’s times, wedding hairstyles seem to get easier and simpler. Gone are the complicated tresses and the intricate interweaving of hair braids that took hours to make. Maybe because wedding hairstyles now tend to reflect the kind of bride that you want to be – simple, easygoing, romantic and still with a touch of elegance and class.
Curly Bridal HairstylesCurly Bridal Hairstyles
One easy to copy wedding hairstyle is the big barrelled curls look. It resembles that of fashion models wherein their hair looks very bouncy yet still in place. To do this, it helps if you iron out your hair first. Once it has been ironed straight, use a big barrel curling iron and only curl the ends of your hair all the way to your nape. The curls should stop here. Some brides also opt to roll their hair using empty soda cans if they do not have big barrelled curling irons, then heat-blast it using a blow dryer. Then, set the hairstyle by spraying it with maximum hold hair spray.
Curly wedding hairstyleCurly wedding hairstyle
Another good curly hairstyle to try for your wedding would be a swept back from the face look and a curly ponytail. This looks very classic yet fun, as the hair is kept away from the face (making you look very neat) yet bunched up together in the back in cute curls. Comb a leave-in moisturizer in your hair and sweep it all the way back, high on the nape. Secure it with an elastic, and grab individual locks of hair from the pony tail and curl using a medium sized barrel. Again, lock in the curls with hairspray. You can keep your bangs away from your face with a fancy looking headband. These two wedding hairstyles with curly hair are best for wedding dresses that are low in front or the back to make the curly hairstyle stand out.
Curly wedding Hair styles
Curly wedding Hair styles

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Easy Tips on How to Make Hair Curly

If you have been born with flat, lifeless hair (or you just want a little more bounce, hair-wise), fret not because there are simple at-home tips that you can follow regarding how to make hair curly. You do not need to do the permanent solution of going to the parlor and getting a permanent wave. These tips are temporary, safe for your hair and really fun to do by yourself or with your girlfriends!
female curly hairstyle
The easiest way on how to make hair curly is to first and foremost invest in a curling iron. The kind of curling iron you want to buy will depend on the kind of curls that you want. If you want ringlets, then you should buy a small curling iron measuring 250mm diameter. If you want big barrel curls, get 350mm curling iron or bigger. These are relatively affordable, but the ones with more advanced settings for further customization are also worth checking out or saving up for.
Best curly hairstyles for women
curly hairstyles
Also, invest in different kinds of products on how to make hair curly. Stock up on volumizing shampoo, shampoo for curly hair and leave on spray meant to hold in the curls. These are great helpers that will make your curly hair last longer. At the same time, you should also buy a clarifying shampoo meant to be used once a week. Remember, to achieve curly hair that stays you will need to use a lot of product in your hair which can result in product build up. When product builds up on your hair, it will weigh it down and make it look lifeless. With a clarifying shampoo, you can strip off the product build up and leave hair light, bouncy and in good shape to curl yet again.
Other people recommend tying your hair only up to the nape. Bun it up while it is still half wet, with some curling product mixed in. Once the hair dries up, you can simply release the bun and you will have fresh wavy and natural looking curls without the effort. This gives you the beachy wavy hair that you can see in many women at the beach! Find more curly wavy hairstyles on our site.

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Why You Should Invest in Curly Hair Shampoos

If your hair is naturally curly or you have had your hair permed, it is best to invest in curly hair shampoos. There are a couple of reasons as to why you should buy curly hair shampoos – read on ahead to know more about this.
curly hairstylesFirst, curly hair shampoos are especially mixed and formulated to make your hair’s curls last longer. If you have spent a good deal of money getting your hair curled, then you would want to extend the life of your curls by using a shampoo meant to do just that. If you are born with natural curls and would like to keep it that way, using a shampoo for curly hair means using a product that works with your hair type and not against it.
Second, curly hair shampoos actually make your curls look better. It has keratin and protein that makes the hair shaft better so it will not frizz as much. The result is glossy and bouncy curls without the little annoying flyaways. Shampoo meant for curly hair has a great deal of moisturizing properties that coat the hair strand, making the curls weigh a little bit for control without weighing it all the way down.
The good thing about shampoo for curly hair is that it not as expensive as most people think. There are so many of these products on market shelves now, it is just a matter of choosing which one works best for you. Many curly hair experts recommend grabbing two or three bottles of different kinds of shampoo for curly hair and put these in a good rotation. Hair products like shampoo tend to become ineffective in what you want them to do if you keep using them every day for long periods of time. It is best to use one brand of shampoo a week so your hair will experience different treatments and respond to such. It is actually fun to go shopping for curly hair shampoos – the fun is in selecting which among the fun and fabulous offerings are most likely going to work with your mop to give you those shiny, bouncy and healthy curls you have always wanted.

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The Lowdown on Curly Hair Conditioners

If you love your curly hair and would want to keep it looking nice and curly for some time, it is best that you invest in curly hair conditioners. You have curly hair leave-on products, a curling iron, curling shampoo – why not curly hair conditioners? They will do your beautiful curls a world of good once you get to try them out.
curly hairstyle for black womenThe beauty of curly hair conditioners is that most manufacturers already offer them alongside the curly hair shampoo. It is quite easy to pick up a matching curly hair shampoo and conditioner set that works with each other to give your hair that nice bounce you want to maintain. These are relatively inexpensive and cost no more or less than the usual bottle of moisturizing shampoo.
Speaking of moisturizing, curly hair conditioners are great for your hair because they replenish the hair with the lost moisture sucked in by alcohol-based aerosol hairsprays you use to set your curls and by the heat of the curling iron. Remember that heat and alcohol are two enemies of healthy hair, and this is where curly hair conditioners come in. Now, you are probably wondering what is the difference between regular conditioners versus the ones made for curly hair. The former is simply meant to restore the moisture of your hair, while the latter has special properties that will help keep the shape of the curls and prevent frizzing. Remember, curls need a bit of help otherwise they will frizz up. For this job, you usually rely on a leave-in treatment, but the results are so much better when they are deep conditioned using conditioner meant for curly hair.
Conditioners for curly hair are indeed an important addition to any curly Sue’s hair maintenance set. It protects the hair by coating it with conditioning and moisturizing properties. It locks your curls in place without the hideous frizz. And finally, it makes your curly hair shampoo work a lot better. If you have not yet discovered using hair conditioners meant for curly hair, you have best make your way to the store and grab a bottle or two for yourself!

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